S02E59: The Chrises’ Favorite Ologist, Biologist Amanda Hipps

The Chrises are joined by Biologist and Conservationist Amanda Hipps. Forever an animal lover, Luna The Cat’s Mother reflects on her journey from almost going to veterinary school to protecting land and wildlife with WildLandscapes International. One of the organizations major successes has been protecting rhinos from poachers with Ol Pejeta conservancy in Kenya. Amanda and the rest of her team have been able to fundraise and work closely with locals to combat the lack of tourism revenue due to COVID-19.

The Chrises’ Favorite Ologist dishes on being the talk of her Sunshine State neighborhood: overcoming her fear of unexpected Huntsman spider roommates and being responsible for People’s hottest relationship of the year—Banchi the sulcata tortoise and his bowling ball girlfriend. With current and upcoming projects across the states, The Floridian is most excited about the impact she will have conserving some of her favorite childhood places—Big Cypress National Preserve and Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge.

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S02E52: Keep Cougaring with “The Cougar Guy”, Kyle Burgess

The Chrises are joined by “The Cougar Guy”, Kyle Burgess. Kyle talks about his experience coming face-to-face with a cougar and her baby cubs in the Utah mountains; all caught live on camera with his Google Pixel 2. Reflecting back on the dangerous situation, Kyle shares what he has learned since the “good little kitty cat” encounter and considers having a conversation with the cougar over a Nutter Butter and beef jerky. Kyle turns his harrowing, bluff charge experience into wildlife advocacy with support and fundraising for the Mountain Lion Foundation and Cougar Conservancy. Naturally deflecting away the attention from his big and scary presence, Kyle ponders how the protective cougar may be doing in therapy right now. Always one to inspire, Kyle encourages everyone to “Keep Cougaring”.

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