S02E45: Time is a Luxury with Fashion King, Davey

The Chrises walk down the runway to show off the new QWTChrises Hendrix Tie-Dye T-Shirts curated by today’s guest of honor, John “Davey” McDavid Lehman. With two more months of quarantine foretold by seeing his birthday shadow (in July), Punxsutawney Davey took the luxury of time to hand-craft each shirt individually. This round of vibrant accoutrement was made with love, blood, sweat, and tears during the fermenting coloration process. The Collaboration Captain celebrates his laborious feat with an attempt to blow a kazoo from both sides before he starts working on The Chrises’ 2023 wear— including a robe and a letterman’s jacket.

Loyal to the game, Davey fawns over his McMarden hand-stitched floral shirt and his Its The Sash pearl mask chain that is one part granny and two parts @AsapRocky. With the intention to stay fly til he dies, Davey plans on avoiding riptides and movie theaters altogether for the rest of quarantine and beyond.

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S02E44: Fancy Tie-Dye Friday with The Chrises

Prince Charming postpones his Dreams Fall Ball guest appearance with The Chrises and leaves them hanging with no Ocean Spray cranberry juice. Chris & Chris trot down trivia lane with questions about Cinderella and Fleetwood Mac, in-between revelations about one Chris munching on the wax portion of parmesan cheese. Uncertainty around a few answers sparks the first cheating scandal on Quarantining With The Chrises. An exchange of childhood test techniques ensues; followed by other weird things Chris & Chris did as kids (and new strange oddities as “adults”). Fresh off the presses and a backyard hang, the hand tie-dyed, Season 2 Hendrix Shirts are in thanks to the CEO of Pop-Culture, Davey.

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S02E32: Ryan’s Story Time with a First Time Hitchhiker

The Chrises enter looking colorful in their Tie Dye For Tumors shirts and masks for National Voter Registration Day. Feeling inclusive on the first day of fall, The Chrises finally give Intern Ryan the chance to spill the beans about his recent road trip. After being left somewhere near Idaho Falls, Idaho, Ryan picks up a girlfriend(!) and befriends a mysterious Hawaiian man named Uncle Pineapple. Things take a turn as Uncle Pineapple directs Ryan to a secret hot spring stream portal where Ryan almost gets sucked into another dimension. Narrowly escaping, Ryan and his gal pal hitchhike their way through Idaho with potatoes as currency. In Utah, Ryan decides to spice up his taters and stops at the city of salt, Salt Lake City, and home of provolone cheese, Provo. Feeling energized from his culinary experiences, Ryan spends an exquisite night in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas before making his way back home—forever a King of Idaho.

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