S02E63: Liquid to Lips with Kristopher DeSoto & Hiatus Tequila

The Chrises are joined by Tequila Sommelier and Founder of Hiatus Tequila, Kristopher DeSoto. The Tequila Aficionado talks about the proper smooth tasting tequila process from blue agave and what makes Hiatus uniquely tasty. Kristopher (with a K because his mom was a hippie) is on a mission to educate the public on what makes a quality tequila. The former helicopter salesman shares the logistical and distribution challenges he’s been facing during the quarantine and how he’s been able to overcome them—because it’s in the bottle what counts. In the process of informing the world about the Spirit of Mexico, Kristopher continually supports artists and creators while sponsoring a live giveaway. Congratulations are in order to @ulteriormocha who walks away with a full bottle of Hiatus Tequila Blanco!

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