S02E51: Hitting Moving Targets with Singer-Songwriter Nick Horn

The Chrises feature musical artist and sour milk enthusiast, Nick Horn. Nick talks about his hit quarantine EP album, Hoi Polloi, with New Jersey sunrise feels and California sunset vibes. The Chrises dive into Nick’s Bill Nye The Science Guy approved discography including “Hungry Amoeba”, while Nick previews his upcoming release with The Fellas titled “Moving Targets”. The cross country journeyman has traded his stop, drop, and rolling in Southern California for the New Jersey welcoming gift of slightly used tube socks. Nick, a former Jersey Shore lifeguard veteran, teams up with The Chrises to compose a new song, “Mouth-to-Mouth”—set to debut at number one on the Billboard charts in 2028. Before Nick sets sail, he gives a moving live performance of “Tube Socks”, as The Chrises chase hearts in Solo Cup.

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S02E21: Genre Bending with Multi-Talented Musician, Christian Sparacio

After an introduction ambush from Season One crowd favorite, Izzy B., The Chrises are joined by indie something singer/songwriter, Christian Sparacio. The triple backflip double toeloop swing set acrobat provides master classes on how not to spill a full glass of whole milk while mimicking the sound of a cow bell. In Christian’s quest to find unique ways to make rare sounds, the Team Chris quarterback/wide receiver seeks to turn his shoulder clicks into a polyrhythm. Concurrently, 3D prints of his infamous shoulder are being manufactured by Bill Nye the Science Guy to help fellow bartenders carbonate beer to reach an even tastier level. Always on the offense, but not easy to offend, the former collegiate student-athlete calls multiple audibles with an accoutrement of his new favorite head wear—beanies. Having developed a sense of home within himself, the Resident of the Earth takes the world into parallel universes with his cozy, Fireside Chat Monday rendition of his newest ethereal ballad, Pacific AM.

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S02E01: Summer Camp Fireside Tales With The Chrises

QWTChrises Season 2 kicks off with The Chrises reminiscing about their recent summer camp adventures; as Chris & Chris roll out the red carpet for all the Live Season 2 high jinks and super fun times. Ryan gets a “raise” and a new, live viewer participation giveaway extravaganza is born. Ryan’s Rewards is the Internet’s hottest opportunity to win exclusive prizes each and every day by asking the best questions or correctly guessing the safe word emoji. Watch “Everyday That Ends In Y*™️” to win!

Season 2 finds The Chrises collaborating with creatives from around the globe; connecting with the likes of entertainers, producers, directors, artists, authors, healers, cosmetologists, chefs, bakers, and many, many more. Tune-in until Santa pays us The Chrises a visit after 100 episodes in Season 2. 🎅🧊

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RSV01E01: Splash Pad With The Future Mrs. McDreamy, Jessica Kellum, with Guest Co-Host Cara Miranda

Ryan’s Summer Vacation featuring a week of co-hosts with Christopher Michaels starts off with a splash as Cara Miranda joins in on the fun. Tie dye and used Pottery Barn expert, Jessica Kellum, zooms in early to show off her surprisingly strong vocal cords and drops a bomb on viewers bigger than Kanye’s presidential bid. The Glow Up Gals continue to Glow and Grow past 4,000 podcast downloads but still can’t seem to locate Los Angeles on a map. Apple slices and 14ers are all young Asher needs to stay independent from the future RHW of South Orange County.

Guests: https://www.instagram.com/glowupgalspodcast
Jessica Kellum @jkilzem
Co-Host Cara Miranda @caraconnects

QWTChrises.com ~ Patreon.com/QWTChrises ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (gofundme.com/f/no-hair-for-care)

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S01E101: Keeping Our Toes Up with The CEO of Bang Snaps, James Geisler (@jamesmakesmusic)

The Chrises slide into the week with JamesG, the Heelys Half Marathon Champion who raised over a G for Black Lives Matter. Spotify’s most notorious unsigned rap artist and TikTok 1M Club glider dishes on wheeling and dealing on America’s Got Talent and creating his own viral gifs. James challenges the Chrises to keep their toes up, but they perform as unsatisfactory as single ply toilet paper. ~ QWTChrises.com ~ Patreon.com/QWTChrises ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (gofundme.com/f/no-hair-for-care)

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S01E89: First Ever Foursome with The Glow Up Gals Podcast (@glowupgalspodcast)

The Chrises burn bright with the Glow Up Gals Podcast; the golden alchemists who have accumulated over 4,000 downloads. Finally making their own mothers proud with a foursome, The Chrises meet their match as Jessica breaks all the laws and Cara passes out all the White Claws. The Glow Up Gals Podcast disclose their glow…

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S01E82: Toking with Lance the Tik

The Chrises TikTok fireside and exchange glamping experiences. Christopher Joseph saves Lance the Tick for his keepsake and Christopher Michaels recalls nestling in the woods behind the Marcucilli’s ~ QWTChrises.com ~ Patreon.com/QWTChrises ~ ColorOfChange.org

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S01E78: Dear Diary Edition

After 77 straight episodes, The Chrises take a step inwards, as they learn how to live journal! –> QWTChrises.com –> Patreon.com/QWTChrises –> GoFundMe “No Hair For Care” gofundme.com/f/no-hair-for-care

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