S02E10: Playful Ryan Passes The Clout Baton To Shred Live With The Chrises

Fancy Ryan Friday gets frisky in the Lone Star State ecosystem with surprise guests from outer space, and the future Cholula spokesman, Playful Ryan. When he’s not hitting high ollies with Not Tony Hawk or running track with Usain Bolt, he’s dropping bricks and chasing clout bags. Mailer Swift delivers VR shenanigans with his Playful sidekick, “Chris”, as they build a cult music empire direct from the Squad House. With his unique blend of physical rocks, trombones, and death growls, Playful Ryan plans to tell the music industry, “Altoid you so”!

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S01E101: Keeping Our Toes Up with The CEO of Bang Snaps, James Geisler (@jamesmakesmusic)

The Chrises slide into the week with JamesG, the Heelys Half Marathon Champion who raised over a G for Black Lives Matter. Spotify’s most notorious unsigned rap artist and TikTok 1M Club glider dishes on wheeling and dealing on America’s Got Talent and creating his own viral gifs. James challenges the Chrises to keep their toes up, but they perform as unsatisfactory as single ply toilet paper. ~ QWTChrises.com ~ Patreon.com/QWTChrises ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (gofundme.com/f/no-hair-for-care)

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