S01E22: The Man of the Cloth and CEO of Plus Ones, Chris Zavodsky

Ryan starts “Be Kind, Rewind Week” off with a Season 1 favourite, Monsignor Chris Zavodsky. The Man of the Cloth speaks on his early quarantine abstinence, and his angel hands that are solely designed for intramural defeat. Terrible TVs biggest advocate preaches about his journey into trashy programming and the Holy Order of shows ranked on his podcast network ChurchofZ.com. The CEO of Plus Ones dishes on his summer wedding lifestyle and shares how all the kings and queens can excel at the reception by following the golden rules: never leave the dance floor, compliment the bride at least 35 times, and boogie with the tipsy aunt at least once. With the possibility of virtual weddings on the horizon, The Z Witch Project takes the Chrises on a tour of Hoboken and shares the one rule he lives by: No carbs on carbs.

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