National Puppy Day with TikTok Star Lucy The Weenie

The Chrises are joined by dachshund TikTok sensation, Lucy, and her hoomans, Emily and Eric. Lucy shares her rags to riches story, and Emily and Eric open up about life as celebrity parents. Always dedicated to their doggo, the Hoomans talk about plans to turn their own place into a TikTok hype house for fellow dachshund influencers named the “Weiner House”. Lucy gets a nepotism fueled nomination in the “Best Pet” category for next week’s award show , “The Chrissys”, following her stellar performance on her accoutrement of dog tricks.

Join The Chrises next week for the first annual “The Chrissys”, where they will reveal the big winners from fan voting (via Instagram Stories). Some of the categories include: Best Chris, Best Dancer, Best Duo, Best Dressed, Best Director, Best Food Specialist, Most Likely To Be On American Idol, Best Sponsor, and Funniest Person (Not Named Chris).

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S01E67: Rockin’ Around The Dog Rock Resort with Pup Daddy, Mike Abrams (@smarbamik)

Mountain Man and owner of Dog Rock Resorts, Mike Abrams, denies the use of beard growth hormones as he prepares to reopen his mountain resort for dogs in New City, New York. While Mike professionally accepts all canines with no previous aggressions and provides the highest quality PetAirapy, he deals broken laptops and breaks camels’ backs on the side. During his escape from a well unplanned date night, the organic beard grower reveals the key to telling twins apart is by looking behind their ears. QWTChrises.com ~ Patreon.com/QWTChrises ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (gofundme.com/f/no-hair-for-care)

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