S02E48: Talk A Lott with Renaissance Man James Lott Jr.

The Chrises get the last dance with the man who can’t stop moving, James Lott Jr. Sir-Does-A-Lot does it all including writing books, producing podcasts, penning poems, audio dramas, and much more through his JLJ Media company. Mr. Worldwide talks about reaching number one in four countries on his most recent book collaboration “You Can Overcome Anything” and making the Australian Top 100 with his podcast “Darth Vader Is Your Father”. This generation’s James Earl Jones dives into his upcoming Christmas audio adventures, Mistletoe Road and The Clause Series. Like koalas eating eucalyptus, James intoxicates The Chrises with his trademark sultry voice while describing why Christmas and Mariah Carey might be the G.O.A.T.

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S02E07: Shooting The Shorts With The Founder Of Day One Films, Robert Silver

The Chrises almost go feature length with the CEO of Shorts – Film Festival Category, Robert Silver. GH5’s top indie storyteller steps in front of the camera to talk about his newly nominated documentary, ‘Kneeling For Justice: A San Francisco Memorial To Fallen Angels’. The Day One Films Founder reveals how he stays true to his company’s namesake by filming, editing, and producing the short all in a days work. Self proclaimed “jack of all trades and master of failure” shamelessly self promotes and passionately inspires all artists, young and old.

Special Guest: Robert Silver, 📽
Community Cause of the Week: The Let It Be Foundation, 🤲
Sponsors of the Day: Image 3D, 🎞 and Panasonic, 📹

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S01E101: Keeping Our Toes Up with The CEO of Bang Snaps, James Geisler (@jamesmakesmusic)

The Chrises slide into the week with JamesG, the Heelys Half Marathon Champion who raised over a G for Black Lives Matter. Spotify’s most notorious unsigned rap artist and TikTok 1M Club glider dishes on wheeling and dealing on America’s Got Talent and creating his own viral gifs. James challenges the Chrises to keep their toes up, but they perform as unsatisfactory as single ply toilet paper. ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E68: Music Review Monday with The GOAT, Dizzy Dames (@dizzy_dames)

Music Review Monday’s kicks off with Dizzy Dames debuting his hot new track “Screaming” and discussing the recent premier of the “Clark Bruce” video. The inventor of clapping with your wrist freshens up fireside with The Chrises and confesses the time a goat “helped” him and divulges plans a possible tour in the Jambulance. The gatekeeper of Bob Dylan at OldChella plays FMK with musical legends [hint: no ones got moves like him]. ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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