Lavender Fixin’ with Podcaster Sabreen Haziq

The Chrises are joined by the Kashmiri podcast queen and host of “The Lavender Fix”, Sabreen Haziq @breenhaziq. On a lifelong quest for a nickname, Sabreen reveals how she failed to go by Daisy as a child and now goes by Breen across the interwebs. Sabreen details her personal journey from Kashmir to Boston including picking up a fashion sense in London along the way.

Not one to be camera shy, the Lavender Lover comes clean about her knowledge of lavender plant varieties and Indian-American cuisine. Plus she divulges her distaste for mostly all things seafood. “The Lavender Fix” host spills the sauce on her 11th ranked podcast in India’s education category and gives a few snippets on her new season’s upcoming episodes.

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The Chrises Return with Christopher Gardinier & Christopher Janssen

The Chrises reunite on their one year anniversary for a Saint Patty’s corn beef and cabbage special. After a ceremonial exchange of stationary gifts, the Chrises give updates on their whereabouts and whats-it-dos. @ChristopherGardinier reveals how he has become the Uno King of Wisconsin and @Ay_Cjay shares how he captures dragon’s blood in the Los Angeles Metro area.

The Chrises get back to the hard hitting news with a special edition of MTV News “You Heard it Here First” where the two confirm that firecracker popsicles do in fact taste like the color blue. The Chrises then dive into the @Disney universe quandary of whether it is better to be the Genie or the bottle.

With a new schedule moving forward, The Chrises will be coming atcha live every day that ends in Wednesday aka Hump Day. Catch The Chrises next Wednesday for their First Ever “The Chrissys” Award ceremony on YouTube. Submit your vote for favorite guest now!

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S02E62: Moving to the Country with The Godfather, Justin Wozney

The Chrises are joined by The Godfather, Justin Wozney, for his QWTChrises record 12th appearance with a special introduction from the infamous @pawozney. Mr. Claus retraces his journey cross country with Ms. Claus, where he made stops at King James’ House and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame—with 15 minutes to spare before it closed. Still rocking the fresh mane, Justin jams out with The Chrises and their long hair for one final virtual party. The Rock God gives another Ziggy Zaggy for the road before retiring to his freshly painted basement quarters for good.

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S02E61: Social Butterflying with Podcast Host Vincent

The Chrises are joined by motivator and podcaster, Vincent. The Host of the Social Butterly goes into detail on his namesake and his inspiration for the @sobueffect. Looking to grow-up and be beautiful butterflies one day, The Chrises partner up with Vincent to cocoon on the same pod. Vincent talks about tapping into one’s passion and unleashing the inner warrior within to be one’s best self. The lifelong @Energizer Bunny has always been putting his positive spin on life since the day he could read and write. Vincent shares how his favorite childhood shows and games shaped the person he is today and encourages everyone to keep that inner child smiling.

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S02E30: Wow, You Can Really Podcast with PodBooking Founder and CEO Daniela Garcia

The Chrises go sliving through Fancy Friday with The Godmother of Podcasting, Daniela Garcia. The Founder and CEO of PodBooking—the hottest podcasting social platform—talks about her revolutionary network to connect podcasters, engineers, networks, and brands. Excited for the official November 1st launch of Pod-Booking.com, The Chrises throw their hats in the waitlist pond to become…

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S02E24: Shooting for the Moon with Life Coach Nick Tillia

The Captain of the Unfair Advantage, Life Coach Nick Tillia, virtually takes The Chrises all aboard his Marina del Rey yacht. On a voyage to leave a ripple effect with his legacy, Nick splashes The Chrises with a wave of knowledge—one can find fulfillment with success by discovering something bigger than oneself and sharing achievements with others. The CEO of Bed Bath and Beyond Bed Sheet Thread Counts talks about turning pains into purpose to create a holistic life coaching approach for clientele including professional athletes, CEO’s, coaches, artists, and creatives. Nick gives a rare sit down riff about identifying negative thoughts or victim beliefs and accepting a life of co-creation with source; thus establishing a better self identity and life in a new realm of high vibrations. The Space Mountain Insider gives tips for all those facing cabin fever, whether it’s in the Walt Disney World NBA bubble or outside. Before setting sail, Nick pumps up The Chrises to design a life with purpose, build momentum for 2021, and shoot for the moon.

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S02E23: Raising Awareness for Student-Athlete Mental Health with Ben Ruvo, CEO of The Hidden Opponent

Ben Ruvo, CEO of The Hidden Opponent, steps up to the plate to face the stigmas within sport culture on Mental Wellness Wednesday. The President eloquently talks about creating a safe space for student-athletes to share stories and support one another. Mental health is on a spectrum that includes both biological and environmental factors, and all student-athletes are collectively in the same boat with the uncertainty of the upcoming school year. Instilling systems to weather any storm, including COVID, The Hidden Opponent has implemented an umbrella system of Campus Captains to be mental health advocates across universities nationwide. Looking to be a part of the outstanding mental wellness support team, Ryan sends Ben an SOS and applies for a new internship within the organization. After inspiring The Chrises to start a new segment, One Word, Ben chooses “vulnerability” as the single term to sum up The Hidden Opponent. The man on a mission to continually learn and help others leaves The Chrises, and listeners alike, feeling great.

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S02E22: The Chrises Believe They Can Fly with the CEO of Inspiration, Derek Pratt

Derek Pratt executes the first Leefy Organics sponsorship takeover of Season Two to put the new Prana bottle design on full display. Careful not to reveal all the secrets in his magical supplements cabinet, the model/actor/athlete/motivator wears not one, but two shirts for the first time all quarantine. While the face of Mortal Kombat’s Kano is busy building out his commercial and acting reels, Intern Ryan agrees to send Derek’s Instagram Reels (R.I.P. Tik Tok?) to the casting directors of Space Jam 2. Believing he can fly, Christopher Gardinier overlooks the fine print in the sand and nearly ends up with a broken wrist trying to backflip like Derek. The Chrises come to learn that Derek is a man who does a little bit of everything (except ice skate and golf), as he continues to motivate others to be one’s best self; believing there’s no better time than now.

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S02E21: Genre Bending with Multi-Talented Musician, Christian Sparacio

After an introduction ambush from Season One crowd favorite, Izzy B., The Chrises are joined by indie something singer/songwriter, Christian Sparacio. The triple backflip double toeloop swing set acrobat provides master classes on how not to spill a full glass of whole milk while mimicking the sound of a cow bell. In Christian’s quest to find unique ways to make rare sounds, the Team Chris quarterback/wide receiver seeks to turn his shoulder clicks into a polyrhythm. Concurrently, 3D prints of his infamous shoulder are being manufactured by Bill Nye the Science Guy to help fellow bartenders carbonate beer to reach an even tastier level. Always on the offense, but not easy to offend, the former collegiate student-athlete calls multiple audibles with an accoutrement of his new favorite head wear—beanies. Having developed a sense of home within himself, the Resident of the Earth takes the world into parallel universes with his cozy, Fireside Chat Monday rendition of his newest ethereal ballad, Pacific AM.

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S02E20: The Chrises Magical Mystery Tour with Surprise Guest, Justin “The Godfather” Wozney

Magical Mystery Friday brings out all the surprises as The Chrises are joined by the unexpected and much welcomed Lobster King, Justin Wozney. South Bay’s very own Aquaman comes up for air to gab about Disney World turkey legs and beach bum ice cream. A staunch believer in a good thirst quench and chafe relief, the free spirit lets it fly with The Chrises about avoiding oceanic salt water in the loins and chasing waterfalls in Yosemite. After not being nominated for a prestigious @QWTChrises Best Guest Emmy (unlike both his Mother and Grandma DeYoung), Justin hits The Chrises with some tough news to swallow—he will be moving to Boston at the end of September. Wanting to continue the shared experience shredding the sweet quarantine life gnar gnar, the original trio replays nothing but the hits, just like 95.5 WPLJ.

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