S02E62: Moving to the Country with The Godfather, Justin Wozney

The Chrises are joined by The Godfather, Justin Wozney, for his QWTChrises record 12th appearance with a special introduction from the infamous @pawozney. Mr. Claus retraces his journey cross country with Ms. Claus, where he made stops at King James’ House and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame—with 15 minutes to spare before it closed. Still rocking the fresh mane, Justin jams out with The Chrises and their long hair for one final virtual party. The Rock God gives another Ziggy Zaggy for the road before retiring to his freshly painted basement quarters for good.

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S01E73: Whigging Out with The 13th President of the United States of America, Millard Fillmore (@rogersachar)

On a momentous day where Bob and Doug launch into the stratosphere, The Chrises get a history lesson from the most revered president of the United States and inspiration behind “Hot for Teacher”, Millard Fillmore. The Chrises know-nothing and bring wigs to a Whig party, wands to a pipe party; and mistake the 18th century for the 19th century. Millard informs the “namby-pamby” Chrises about his skinny dips into the Potomac, dignified plunge into Queen Victoria’s lap, and frisbee days in Mumford’s Meadow with Chloe. ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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