S02E52: Keep Cougaring with “The Cougar Guy”, Kyle Burgess

The Chrises are joined by “The Cougar Guy”, Kyle Burgess. Kyle talks about his experience coming face-to-face with a cougar and her baby cubs in the Utah mountains; all caught live on camera with his Google Pixel 2. Reflecting back on the dangerous situation, Kyle shares what he has learned since the “good little kitty cat” encounter and considers having a conversation with the cougar over a Nutter Butter and beef jerky. Kyle turns his harrowing, bluff charge experience into wildlife advocacy with support and fundraising for the Mountain Lion Foundation and Cougar Conservancy. Naturally deflecting away the attention from his big and scary presence, Kyle ponders how the protective cougar may be doing in therapy right now. Always one to inspire, Kyle encourages everyone to “Keep Cougaring”.

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S02E11: Slow and Steady Wins the Race With the CEO of Beach Photography, Richard Podgurski Jr.

South Bay Coverboy, Richard Podgurski Jr., sauces out with The Chrises during a break from training his camera towards Butterball turkey stardom on Supermarket Sweep. When Richard is not adorning bare walled abodes with his stunning snapshots or raising $15,000 for community causes, the Oracle of the Internet is keeping Tahoe nude and chain linking with Keyboard Karens. Portland’s favourite sneaker-hands, DJ Dik, gives an IG Live exclusive sneak peek at his unreleased, limited edition, custom Vans slip-on shoes. Shelby, the Turtle Leash tortoise influencer, escapes from the I Dunno Dude Pod’s Pad to eat all the tasty plants, and she saves the planet with her valuable life lesson: always be happy and in the moment.

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RSV01E03: The Way To The Great Valley of Grilled Cheese with Guest Co-Host, Justin Wozney, & The Wozney Clan

Three days of our lives without C.J. & Ryan the Intern, and Christopher Michaels decides to stream himself to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live while the Wozney4 grill cheese and Grandma drops the mic with the greatest P.S.A. of all-time. Sponsored by the U, Justin Wozney announces he is taking his talents to Boston with his better half, Karissa Bustamante. Jeff shares his culinary expertise while Patti teladocs listener’s hearts by discovering her birth family. Justin’s embarrassing gum-on-his-wee-wee story is finally told live on-air as the Wozney’s dig up all the dirt on their baby boy.

– Jeff Wozney
– Patti Wozney ∙ ∙ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E95: Home Away From Home with Chaos & Okizu, Keely “Chaos” Batmale (@keelybatmale & @okizu)

The Chrises clean up with professional dishwasher and Okizu senior camp counselor, Chaos. Keely shares her personal experiences connecting with other siblings affected by childhood cancer, and all the amazing adventures at her favorite summertime place. This year Okizu will be keeping it fun virtually and including some camp favorites: Baseball Lunch, campfire stories, and skits. Ice cream is not not ruled off the table. The Chrises throw their hat in the ring to become volunteers and call upon others to join them! ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E90: Shedding Their Former Selves with Danny Bee’s Organic Remedies, Danny Thompson (@breaking_free_of_me)

The Chrises get lost in space and time trying to figure out which happy day it is with the CEO of Smiles, Danny Thompson. Voted most joyous man by The Chrises, Danny recalls his time at Camp Okizu making friends, telling campfire stories, and catching hotdogs at the baseball luncheon. After stepping into the batter’s box to break free of himself, Danny takes a swing at some important life choices: Does one remove salt or add nacho cheese to a soft, organically sprouted pretzel? ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E79: Fancy A Friday with Timeless Beauty, Waffles (@wafflesflavoredkisses)

Waffles flavored birthdays with his mom, Katie, LIVE! from the Twin Cities suburbs. Katie talks about Minneapolis protesting with her mother, rearing two unruly kittens, and the growth and development of baby ducklings in the great outdoors. –> –> –> GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E71: Solo Cup Planting with The Succulent Queen, Dee Dee Mejia (@in2guidedhands)

Aunt Dee Dee guides The Chrises through planting succulents into solo cups and teaches them the keys to keeping plants alive. The Queen of Creative Gifts joins from her Reiki Zen Garden, introduces the world’s first puzzle featuring The Chrises, and enlightens the world that it is ok to take what you want when its in the name of spreading nature. The Chrises check in on Tito’s woodworking and learn his secret to a happy marriage is getting new knobs and going an inch deep one or two times a week. ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E58: Bach Bach Bach Chicken Dancing with The Newly Divorced Newlyweds, Elyse Eisen and Roger Sachar (@tipsytraveler & @rogersachar)

The Chrises engage in the NewlyWed game with the freshly married and divorced couple, Elyse Eisen and Roger Sachar. Roger warms the cockles of Elyse’s heart with a famous Mozart rift and a funky chicken dance. Whilst in the midst of their shack up spring training, the royal duo perseveres through a few squabbles over raising a kid as a Yankees or Dodgers fan and living in Manhattan or Brooklyn. The yankee impersonator reasons that no one resides in alphabet city, like no one runs backwards naked through a cornfield. As Roger shows he is not a pushover, Elyse has the cops called on her multiple times for marching to the beat of her own drum.

Guests: Elyse Eisen & Roger Sachar ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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