S02E09: Miss Oregon, Katerina Villegas, Stops By On Her Way To The Miss USA Crown

The Princess of Oregon, Katerina Villegas, joins The Chrises looking like she stepped out of a fairytale on her way to the Miss USA 2020 Ball. When Wonder Woman is not traveling around the world on her charity tour, she’s using her platform to advocate and uplift others. The Awesomely Articulate Alliteration Academic is penning a pretty perfect children’s novel and is seriously studying for her doctorate in clinical psychology; all with an attitude of gratitude. Billboard Charter and “Dangerous Love[r]” shares her why and opens her heart to inspire all the magical gatherers toward a new beginning.

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S02E06: Fire Breathing With The Greatest One Woman Show, Georgie Leahy

The Chrises set fire to the rain with East Hollywood’s most glowing careless animal whisperer, Georgie Leahy. The talented one woman show hits the angles when spreading around like Covid and bonds with Chris & Chris over making it in Hollywood penniless. West Ham’s luckiest charm and prettiest bubble makes her mum proud by writing the hit single for the Treasure King (despite not remembering any of the lyrics). Georgie goes beyond the obvious British pastimes like ironing and hammering to discover quarantine hobbies like cooking, riding a bicycle, and screenwriting without multiple chins.

Special Guest: Georgie Leahy, 🇬🇧
Community Cause of the Week: The Let It Be Foundation, 🤲
Sponsor of the Day: Crocs, 🕯

Website: ∙ Patreon: ∙ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care”:

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S02E01: Summer Camp Fireside Tales With The Chrises

QWTChrises Season 2 kicks off with The Chrises reminiscing about their recent summer camp adventures; as Chris & Chris roll out the red carpet for all the Live Season 2 high jinks and super fun times. Ryan gets a “raise” and a new, live viewer participation giveaway extravaganza is born. Ryan’s Rewards is the Internet’s hottest opportunity to win exclusive prizes each and every day by asking the best questions or correctly guessing the safe word emoji. Watch “Everyday That Ends In Y*™️” to win!

Season 2 finds The Chrises collaborating with creatives from around the globe; connecting with the likes of entertainers, producers, directors, artists, authors, healers, cosmetologists, chefs, bakers, and many, many more. Tune-in until Santa pays us The Chrises a visit after 100 episodes in Season 2. 🎅🧊

Community Cause of the Week: @Okizu 🤲
Sponsor of the Week: @LeefyOrganics 🍃 ∙ ∙ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E104: Getting Love Struck with The Common Humanitarian, Bisi (@bisimusic)

The Chrises close out “Quarantining With The Chrises” Season One with the most hopeful man and afrobisiac, Bisi. The man behind the upcoming album, The Church of Experience, delves into the power of music to change the status quo. Bisi is dropping his new song “Hopeful” on Independence Day, as we try to change the world together. Sharing positivity and good vibes, Bisi uses his vast energy to harness the God of Fire and moonwalk all over the planet with his catchy tunes. From raising $100 in Haight/Ashbury to winning $50,000 for Bissy Energy, the eagle of MDT Modeling touches base with his Nigerian roots and performs “Asa Jailer” and his new hit “Language”.

Guest: Bisi ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E101: Keeping Our Toes Up with The CEO of Bang Snaps, James Geisler (@jamesmakesmusic)

The Chrises slide into the week with JamesG, the Heelys Half Marathon Champion who raised over a G for Black Lives Matter. Spotify’s most notorious unsigned rap artist and TikTok 1M Club glider dishes on wheeling and dealing on America’s Got Talent and creating his own viral gifs. James challenges the Chrises to keep their toes up, but they perform as unsatisfactory as single ply toilet paper. ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E98: Cali Dazing With Catch Cup Champion, Ben Kelley (@ben_kelley_)

The Chrises are finally graced with the presence of the MVP of Cali Daze, Ben Kelley. Distraught over losing his workout bro and the gym closing, Ben picks up macro counting and band workouts. The only bear in the Bills Mafia dishes on how Buffalo did Shady dirty in the name of The Game. When he is not rumbling with Jason and Justin, he is starring in “No More Tomorrows”. ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E97: The Chrises Meet Their One-Minute Match With TikTok Influencer, Pete Malleo (@petemalleo)

The Chrises sit down with the man behind the best moves on inline skates, Pete Malleo. The TikTok legend dishes on the fast food chain with the best chocolate chip cookies and the side effects of Corona. Having retired from their beer chugging days, the minutemen shotgun LaCroix and get indigestion. The family guy trucker opens up about his hopes and dreams for his son: Be good and Don’t kill anyone. ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E85: Phase 3 Calf Raises and Prayers with The CEO of Speedos, Anthony Evans (@evansa1)

The sauciest of all A1’s, Anthony Evans, joins the program to give us a Phase 3 sneak peek at the gym, Runyon Canyon, and the movies. The CEO of Speedos keeps his shirt on and shows his Peacock as he prepares for the virtual rave of the summer, Digital Mirage. Anthony announces his top shows on Netflix, Apple TV+, and Amazon Prime for those looking to expand one’s social consciousness and mindfulness. ~ ~ ~

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S01E82: Toking with Lance the Tik

The Chrises TikTok fireside and exchange glamping experiences. Christopher Joseph saves Lance the Tick for his keepsake and Christopher Michaels recalls nestling in the woods behind the Marcucilli’s ~ ~ ~

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S01E80: Parent Trap Saturday

The Chrises play with each other and pull the ol’ switch-er-roo. Hilarity, shaming, and sore throat hearty laughter ensue, as CJ becomes CG and CG becomes CJ. The light and butterflies almost outweigh the hard work and disappointment! –> –> –> GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care”

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