S02E61: Social Butterflying with Podcast Host Vincent

The Chrises are joined by motivator and podcaster, Vincent. The Host of the Social Butterly goes into detail on his namesake and his inspiration for the @sobueffect. Looking to grow-up and be beautiful butterflies one day, The Chrises partner up with Vincent to cocoon on the same pod. Vincent talks about tapping into one’s passion and unleashing the inner warrior within to be one’s best self. The lifelong @Energizer Bunny has always been putting his positive spin on life since the day he could read and write. Vincent shares how his favorite childhood shows and games shaped the person he is today and encourages everyone to keep that inner child smiling.

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S02E25: Fancy Friday: British Edition with U.K. YouTube Power Couple, The Ritchies

The Chrises skip across the pond with the wedded duo that always cross their mind, Ayana and Declan Richie. After his better half spends hours in hair and makeup, Declan reaches out his two meter long arm so the camera can capture all of Ayana’s beauty. The host (Ayana) and executive producer (Declan) of the The Inside Job avoid throwing up on each other (this time), and match on purpose for a Fizzy Fancy Friday. Ryan brings out all the Kleenex as Ayana shares how coming onto Quarantining With The Chrises was a game changing experience. The Lemonade Queen calls the Chrises “C-level” performers and reveals guests to expect in Season Two of her show: singer, actor, professor, entrepreneur, business owner, dancer, yoga instructor, and sports therapist. Declan, the UK’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, arouses The Chrises with exclusive access to the new Marvel flick featuring Captain Covid and The Stork.  The Chrises and The Richies end the show with four slow thumbs up.

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S02E22: The Chrises Believe They Can Fly with the CEO of Inspiration, Derek Pratt

Derek Pratt executes the first Leefy Organics sponsorship takeover of Season Two to put the new Prana bottle design on full display. Careful not to reveal all the secrets in his magical supplements cabinet, the model/actor/athlete/motivator wears not one, but two shirts for the first time all quarantine. While the face of Mortal Kombat’s Kano is busy building out his commercial and acting reels, Intern Ryan agrees to send Derek’s Instagram Reels (R.I.P. Tik Tok?) to the casting directors of Space Jam 2. Believing he can fly, Christopher Gardinier overlooks the fine print in the sand and nearly ends up with a broken wrist trying to backflip like Derek. The Chrises come to learn that Derek is a man who does a little bit of everything (except ice skate and golf), as he continues to motivate others to be one’s best self; believing there’s no better time than now.

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S02E01: Summer Camp Fireside Tales With The Chrises

QWTChrises Season 2 kicks off with The Chrises reminiscing about their recent summer camp adventures; as Chris & Chris roll out the red carpet for all the Live Season 2 high jinks and super fun times. Ryan gets a “raise” and a new, live viewer participation giveaway extravaganza is born. Ryan’s Rewards is the Internet’s hottest opportunity to win exclusive prizes each and every day by asking the best questions or correctly guessing the safe word emoji. Watch “Everyday That Ends In Y*™️” to win!

Season 2 finds The Chrises collaborating with creatives from around the globe; connecting with the likes of entertainers, producers, directors, artists, authors, healers, cosmetologists, chefs, bakers, and many, many more. Tune-in until Santa pays us The Chrises a visit after 100 episodes in Season 2. 🎅🧊

Community Cause of the Week: @Okizu 🤲
Sponsor of the Week: @LeefyOrganics 🍃 ∙ ∙ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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RSV01E01: Splash Pad With The Future Mrs. McDreamy, Jessica Kellum, with Guest Co-Host Cara Miranda

Ryan’s Summer Vacation featuring a week of co-hosts with Christopher Michaels starts off with a splash as Cara Miranda joins in on the fun. Tie dye and used Pottery Barn expert, Jessica Kellum, zooms in early to show off her surprisingly strong vocal cords and drops a bomb on viewers bigger than Kanye’s presidential bid. The Glow Up Gals continue to Glow and Grow past 4,000 podcast downloads but still can’t seem to locate Los Angeles on a map. Apple slices and 14ers are all young Asher needs to stay independent from the future RHW of South Orange County.

Jessica Kellum @jkilzem
Co-Host Cara Miranda @caraconnects ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E94: Baring Witness To The Re-Union Of BFFs, Ali Baldassare-Greene (@mslali1) & Trish DaCosta (@trishdfit)

The Chrises roll their R’s for the matrimony ceremony between the yin yang sisters, Ali Baldassare-Greene and Trish DaCosta. Ali talks about the doggie lifestyle with her two little ones, while Trish bares it all (about pup mom life). Getting ready for rebuild season, Ali shares what it’s like being the queen of reach around. Trish goes in on the importance of getting extra doses of D in her life. The Chrises get schooled on how to to transform their dysfunctional cohabitation with a functional focused pilates course. ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E92: Conscious Dancing with The CEO of Mercury & Venus, Cameron Cash (@cameroncashyoga)

The Chrises get intergalactic with the founder of conscious cause marketing firm Mercury Venus Digital. When Cameron Cash is not partnering with businesses doing good on planet Earth, Crunch’s brightest yoga instructor is aligning chakras for kindred spirits and painting song lyrics on Melrose Avenue. In preparation for the new day cresting over the horizon, The Chrises offer to bring a pair of dimes to the paradigm shift. ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E89: First Ever Foursome with The Glow Up Gals Podcast (@glowupgalspodcast)

The Chrises burn bright with the Glow Up Gals Podcast; the golden alchemists who have accumulated over 4,000 downloads. Finally making their own mothers proud with a foursome, The Chrises meet their match as Jessica breaks all the laws and Cara passes out all the White Claws. The Glow Up Gals Podcast disclose their glow…

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S01E88: Diving Into Dirty Waters with The CEO Of Healthy Habits, Mike Gardinier (@mikegardinier3)

The Dr. Of Love drops knowledge for yinz on how to safely date in the time of Covid and illustrates the perfect night out with Little Bo Peep once Jersey goes green. The founder of “Hair Care For Those With No Hair” exposes his faded blond sideburns and reveals Chinese horsehair makes the best toupée soufflés. PSA: Careful drinking Tom Collins with El Grande Uno, one may spoil a nice pair of running shorts. ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E64: Namasteing with The Queen of Mindfulness, Amy Rose (@amyroseyoga)

The Chrises learn how to touch chakras and manifest abundance with sound bath healer, Amy Rose. The Reverse Warrior Princess shines light on setting new intentions and bringing in cathartic energy for the new moon in Gemini. Freaky Friday moments are revealed as she consistently battles over an influencer light with her teenage daughter. The fifty year old mother of two attributes having the energy of a twenty-five year old to eating healthy, cutting out alcohol, spending time in nature, and doing “LSD”. [The Chrises can only handle 1/100th of the recommended breathwork required]. ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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