The Chrises Return with Christopher Gardinier & Christopher Janssen

The Chrises reunite on their one year anniversary for a Saint Patty’s corn beef and cabbage special. After a ceremonial exchange of stationary gifts, the Chrises give updates on their whereabouts and whats-it-dos. @ChristopherGardinier reveals how he has become the Uno King of Wisconsin and @Ay_Cjay shares how he captures dragon’s blood in the Los Angeles Metro area.

The Chrises get back to the hard hitting news with a special edition of MTV News “You Heard it Here First” where the two confirm that firecracker popsicles do in fact taste like the color blue. The Chrises then dive into the @Disney universe quandary of whether it is better to be the Genie or the bottle.

With a new schedule moving forward, The Chrises will be coming atcha live every day that ends in Wednesday aka Hump Day. Catch The Chrises next Wednesday for their First Ever “The Chrissys” Award ceremony on YouTube. Submit your vote for favorite guest now!

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S02E62: Moving to the Country with The Godfather, Justin Wozney

The Chrises are joined by The Godfather, Justin Wozney, for his QWTChrises record 12th appearance with a special introduction from the infamous @pawozney. Mr. Claus retraces his journey cross country with Ms. Claus, where he made stops at King James’ House and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame—with 15 minutes to spare before it closed. Still rocking the fresh mane, Justin jams out with The Chrises and their long hair for one final virtual party. The Rock God gives another Ziggy Zaggy for the road before retiring to his freshly painted basement quarters for good.

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S02E19: Repeating History With Ancient Civilization Educator & Full Time Debater, Aiden K.

The Chrises dive into the history books to compose an episode for the ages with the professor of successors, Aiden K. While history tends to repeat itself, the middle school educator focuses on teaching life lessons to the cancel culture generation. The Chrises learn how George Washington took notes from the Roman Empire to build the democratic foundation of America and how two brothers (not named Chris) encouraged the post-Republic era to make changes to ensure the longevity of the polity. Only time will tell if perpetual political conflicts reduce the United States’ superpower status to the coronavirus fate of department stores. Until then, the three muggles debate on pandemics in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and conclude that nothing matters.

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S02E18: The Chrises Are Voters With Founding Member of I am a voter., Sunny Jenkins

The Chrises sign up for the finest slice of democracy pie with Sunny Jenkins—communications guru and founding member of voting’s greatest publicist, I am a voter. The nonpartisan movement aims to create a cultural shift around voting and civic engagement by unifying around a central truth: democracy works best when we all participate. Leading with the motto “Friends don’t let friends skip elections”, Sunny ensures the Chrises avoid FOMO at the upcoming United States 2020 Presidential Vote-Chella by texting “VOTER” to 26797 live on-air. An immediate response is received from Zoey at I am a voter., and within minutes The Chrises are provided with all the information needed to vote in confidence. Casting an early ballot alá Sunny will ensure the grandest prize of them all, an “I Voted” sticker – which pairs perfectly with a Peloton Century Club 100th ride t-shirt.

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S02E17: Tapping Over Borders with the CEO of Ottawa Valley Step Dance, Emily Yarascavitch

Emily Yarascavitch steps up and fiddles with The Chrises’ hearts as she teaches the boys how to Ottawa Valley Step Dance. The Queen of Coordination also performs a brand new sneak peek violin solo from her band, @TartanTerrors, upcoming album set named “The Cousins”. The Chrises are befuddled by the difference between a violin and fiddle, but Emily clarifies that they are synonymous terms, dependent upon the audience. While the lifelong sock-less tapper continues to please the crowd with a top notch step freestyle to a classic Celtic fiddle remix, the happy footed duo hop to satisfactorily pass Level Three of Emily’s basic training. Zoom Canada’s most in demand fiddle/violin and step teacher shares some pro tips: patience, balance, tap to a beat, and don’t smell your feet.

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S02E16: Making Pottery Look Easy with William Duvall from a Niagara Falls Strip Mall

William Duvall drops the clay mic on The Chrises during his cross-country American road tour making pottery and connecting with kindled spirits. After losing his catering job due to the coronavirus, William made the best of the situation and turned a three day trip into a lifelong journey. Now living the dream and doing what he loves everyday, the Traveling Potter turns a Holiday Inn parking lot into a fine ceramics studio. William grills up clay cylinders on his 80-pound Skutt pottery wheel after The Chrises’ curious request for handle-less mugs (now called cups). Clay Papa dives into the CliffsNotes of the official dad handbook and gives tips for all those facing hiccups and looking to get creative.

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S02E15: TRL Fancy Friday with The Chrises’ Favourite “Actor Who Moves”, Tony Moore

The Chrises are joined by the King of Swipes and Host of @DishinDays, Tony Moore, on the final stop of his coronation parade into Instagram Gold Star 10K follower status (before it’s 2000 and late). The Smoothest Criminal, Tony uses his good standing with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to pull off epic Tony Request Live Instagram dance parties every Friday afternoon without having his water and/or power shut off. In The Chrises’ newest gameshow segment, “Tickle Your Pickle”, Ralph’s most loyal supermarket sweeper gets turned on jiving about frosting, angels, wings, and things. After revealing his soft spot for Wendy’s, the run through professional divulges he will happily accept Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and Frostys in exchange for his TonlyFans hot cakes.

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S02E14: Releasing Traumatic Stress & Improving Performance (Because The Chrises are Human) with Garrett Wood

The Chrises go into deep hypnosis over big, juicy, sour lemons from the Human Knowledge Tree, Garrett Wood of Gnosis Therapy. Finding the magic of hypnotherapy has helped Garrett handle personal triggers of trauma and become less of an a-hole. With FOMO and Instagram influencers a thing of the past, the Indiana Jones of Therapy talks about anxiety being the current shared emotional zeitgeist, and he answers questions flying in from the 24 hour Chrises hotline. Garrett implores people to find coping mechanisms without perfect results and negative externalities, such as coloring or slapping the bass guitar. When he’s not busy healing the world, the citrus coffee connoisseur has been dusting off his skateboard, pumping up his paddle board, and parkouring around Long Beach.

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S02E12: Ryan Surprises The Chrises With a Spa Day, Complete With Luxurious Facials From a Grecco-Roman Bath House

The Chrises sip on Ryan’s refreshing cucumber and lemon water while hydrating their droopy eyes with Petitfée hydrogel eye patches. Chris & Chris stimulate their sorry faces with Acure Beauty green facial masks to channel yesterday’s show stealer, Shelby the Tortoise. The national treasures cozy up to gab about new Netflix shows and recently released hit movie, “The Cuban”. Even though Ryan treats the pompous duo to a relaxing day, The Chrises demand more from an intern—like naming rights to a Miami-based bathing duck. A search commences to find the Next Great Chrises Intern (NGCI).

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S02E01: Summer Camp Fireside Tales With The Chrises

QWTChrises Season 2 kicks off with The Chrises reminiscing about their recent summer camp adventures; as Chris & Chris roll out the red carpet for all the Live Season 2 high jinks and super fun times. Ryan gets a “raise” and a new, live viewer participation giveaway extravaganza is born. Ryan’s Rewards is the Internet’s hottest opportunity to win exclusive prizes each and every day by asking the best questions or correctly guessing the safe word emoji. Watch “Everyday That Ends In Y*™️” to win!

Season 2 finds The Chrises collaborating with creatives from around the globe; connecting with the likes of entertainers, producers, directors, artists, authors, healers, cosmetologists, chefs, bakers, and many, many more. Tune-in until Santa pays us The Chrises a visit after 100 episodes in Season 2. 🎅🧊

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