S02E48: Talk A Lott with Renaissance Man James Lott Jr.

The Chrises get the last dance with the man who can’t stop moving, James Lott Jr. Sir-Does-A-Lot does it all including writing books, producing podcasts, penning poems, audio dramas, and much more through his JLJ Media company. Mr. Worldwide talks about reaching number one in four countries on his most recent book collaboration “You Can Overcome Anything” and making the Australian Top 100 with his podcast “Darth Vader Is Your Father”. This generation’s James Earl Jones dives into his upcoming Christmas audio adventures, Mistletoe Road and The Clause Series. Like koalas eating eucalyptus, James intoxicates The Chrises with his trademark sultry voice while describing why Christmas and Mariah Carey might be the G.O.A.T.

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S02E38: Masks Off With Shadow Alchemist Meghan

The Chrises are joined by mystical being and shadow alchemist, Meghan aka @chroniclesofasassquatch. Meghan talks about her personal journey identifying the monster within, shining light on her own shadow beliefs, and dancing with her inner critic to create the reality she wants to live in. Bringing the sass into the paradigm of Sasquatches, Meghan details facing her own shame and connecting through the heart space to be able to quit her corporate job and become a voice dialogue leader and women’s group coach.

The Sass Kween opens up about how Queen Bee Beyonce inspired her to start dancing with straight power and encouraging others to begin playing and painting in the shadows. Meghan speaks about her big reveal; stepping from behind her mask and into her human skin— where she continues to be vulnerable and show up as her authentic self every day, no matter if she is slaying life or not.

New videos in Meghan’s human skin are on the horizon plus the chronicles of the @chroniclesofasassquatch story should be appearing around the holidays—just in time for Santa to deliver presents in a Sass mask.

Looking to alchemize and radiate power? Sign up for Meghan’s upcoming virtual course, “Masks Off”.

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S02E24: Shooting for the Moon with Life Coach Nick Tillia

The Captain of the Unfair Advantage, Life Coach Nick Tillia, virtually takes The Chrises all aboard his Marina del Rey yacht. On a voyage to leave a ripple effect with his legacy, Nick splashes The Chrises with a wave of knowledge—one can find fulfillment with success by discovering something bigger than oneself and sharing achievements with others. The CEO of Bed Bath and Beyond Bed Sheet Thread Counts talks about turning pains into purpose to create a holistic life coaching approach for clientele including professional athletes, CEO’s, coaches, artists, and creatives. Nick gives a rare sit down riff about identifying negative thoughts or victim beliefs and accepting a life of co-creation with source; thus establishing a better self identity and life in a new realm of high vibrations. The Space Mountain Insider gives tips for all those facing cabin fever, whether it’s in the Walt Disney World NBA bubble or outside. Before setting sail, Nick pumps up The Chrises to design a life with purpose, build momentum for 2021, and shoot for the moon.

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