S02E43: Green Screening With World Musician, Bisi

The Chrises are elated by a surprise appearance from Bad Ideas Ghuy for Special Guest, Bisi’s, bachelor party. Chris & Chris are transported to the set of Black Bisi Panther; where he puts his parkour training and most recent Amazon suggested purchase to use. While scaling a building in front of a green screen, the Busy Bee talks about picking up acting because he almost hasn’t accomplished enough in a pandemic year—releasing five total EP’s and scaling his startup, Sound Ch3k. Bisi shares his excitement for live shows coming back with an impromptu performance of “Feels So Good”, and talks about the inspiration for his final two EPs of the year (both dropping on every music platform this Halloween). Bisi teases a possible album next year, “Survivor”, which may have The Chrises on a remix.

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S02E42: Paint With Words featuring Art Royalty, Justyna Kisielewicz

The Chrises are graced with the presence and essence of The Princess of Pop Culture, Justyna Kisielewicz. Poland’s favourite daughter details her journey from having her artwork stolen to eventually being featured on the cover of Polish Magazine, Wprost. While always feeling like she was mentally born and raised in the United States, Justyna talks about how through hard work and the power of Instagram, she was able to make her dreams come true. Now living in California as a painter and looking like Dylan McKay with her glasses, Justyna has her sights on fulfilling her next big ambition—being featured next to David Hockney. Always striving to elevate her artwork, Justyna is currently creating a unique experience with her detailed frames and mobile artworks at Andra Norris Gallery Through her use of bright colors (particularly pink) and balloons, the Art Aristocrat addresses the fragility of life. Forever the realist, Justyna departs with a wise and hopeful message: the bad days will pass, stay positive, reach out to those who are supportive, and stay away from the haters.

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S02E41: The Return of the Queen of Pop, Hannah Gross

The Kween of Pop, Hannah Gross, joins The Chrises for a New Music Monday to talk about her newest hit single, “Tell Me”. The raw and real song has surpassed 10,000 Spotify streams (and counting), as well as being featured on @itsaschoolnight and @lyricalemonade. The Spell Bounding Singer flashes her red team allegiance and shows off her favorite “22nd” birthday gift—a Hocus Pocus sweater with a COVID hex to protect herself during spooky season. Hannah faces her worst nightmare head-on and does a live songwriting session with The Chrises. With a Grammy nomination as clear as the writing on the wall, Hannah practices her speech thanking both her mom and her dad’s dahlias.

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S02E40: Stirring It Up with Drink Slinger Pamela Wiznitzer

The Chrises catch up with cocktail mixologist and beverage consultant, Pamela Wiznitzer, for a black tie Fancy Friday. As The Chrises defy gravity and sweat it out in Los Angeles, The Original Soaring Queen gets excited about sweater season in NYC. While keeping busy with virtual events this summer and fall, Pam remains hopeful for the hospitality and restaurant industry’s comeback as establishments begin to reopen. The Beverage Blender opens up about her wardrobe, creative process in making engaging videos, and alcohol collection large enough to start a reputable speakeasy. The Fancy Trio bond over their affinity for Costco’s liquor selection and toast to time traveling right by 2020. With holidays coming and going, The Chrises get a flow chart of Jewish festivities, and there always seems to be a reason to clink glasses, mugs, and chalices.

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S02E39: Travel & Sip with Elyse Eisen, Founder of The Chain Collective PR

Season One favorite and travel expert, Elyse Eisen, steps aboard a flight to virtual coast-to-coast travel to soar with The Chrises. Elyse gives some hot takes for travelers who are open to taking a trip under the hospitality industry’s COVID-19 upgrades. Looking forward to the airlines using air high fives as the new casual greeting, Elyse opens up about packing tips and her favorite suitcase. With no time for sponsors or kids in her busy schedule, The Balance Queen talks about having floaties all to herself and her timeout from eating anything but gummy bears in the pool.

Elyse is almost convinced by the Chrises to open up indoor NYC dining with Tipsy Traveler branded Snuggies as the new hot winter restaurant wear. The biggest news of the day comes when Elyse reveals her plan to call an end to a 12-year run controlling the remote to move-in with the sizzle master and Hall of Fame guest, Roger @rogersachar.

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S02E38: Masks Off With Shadow Alchemist Meghan

The Chrises are joined by mystical being and shadow alchemist, Meghan aka @chroniclesofasassquatch. Meghan talks about her personal journey identifying the monster within, shining light on her own shadow beliefs, and dancing with her inner critic to create the reality she wants to live in. Bringing the sass into the paradigm of Sasquatches, Meghan details facing her own shame and connecting through the heart space to be able to quit her corporate job and become a voice dialogue leader and women’s group coach.

The Sass Kween opens up about how Queen Bee Beyonce inspired her to start dancing with straight power and encouraging others to begin playing and painting in the shadows. Meghan speaks about her big reveal; stepping from behind her mask and into her human skin— where she continues to be vulnerable and show up as her authentic self every day, no matter if she is slaying life or not.

New videos in Meghan’s human skin are on the horizon plus the chronicles of the @chroniclesofasassquatch story should be appearing around the holidays—just in time for Santa to deliver presents in a Sass mask.

Looking to alchemize and radiate power? Sign up for Meghan’s upcoming virtual course, “Masks Off”.

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S02E37: Reaching for the Stars with Miss World Oregon, Manju Bangalore

The Chrises are joined by Miss World Oregon 2020 and Founder of Operation Period, Manju Bangalore. Miss Out of this World talks pageantry and her virtual 2020 Miss World America campaign including busting out burpees for the fitness segment. Manju opens up about the non-profit she founded, Operation Period, which addresses menstrual inequity by providing advocacy, education, and services to those in need. Elyse Eisen (@tipsytraveler) joins in on the movement to mobilize for good and donates $3/mo for an entire year to supply one person who bleeds an entire year supply of menstrual products. With personal aspirations to be an astronaut, Manju speaks about working on the Orion space capsule while interning at NASA and picking up the gender neutral term “y’all”. Lastly, Manju touches on how acting has helped her throughout all aspects of her life, and her surprise experience working on set with Beyonce.

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S02E36: Doing Good with The Dino DoGooders

The Chrises unearth the nicest/oldest guests possible, The Dino DoGooders. Val Pinnock and Heather Price dinosaur-arm dance into the show to talk about how the prehistoric creatures are making a comeback for the ages. What started as yoga in an inflatable dinosaur costume has now become an international phenomenon; spreading love and joy to nursing homes through outdoor only, socially distanced fun. The Dino DoGooders have been featured on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Some Good News, multiple news outlets, and offshoot Facebook groups as far as Australia and New Zealand. The Chrises ponder the big questions with Val and Heather, like what cars do Dinos drive and whether Dinos have innies or outies [hint: Prius + onnies]. New words are generated for next year’s Merriam-Webster edition and futuristic ideas are created. Can we almost certainly expect Dino snow angels, Dinos directing traffic, and maybe even a Dino DoGooders line of costumes?

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S02E33: The Puppy Diaries with Mabel & The Chrises

The Chrises open with some fresh hairdos, sweet Pupformance attire, and a shipment of coronavirus religious tracts compliments of The Dr. Of Love. Mabel the Pup, Aunt Jody’s Golden Girl, joins the program as the first pooch of honor and The Chrises share her origin story. A debate over the best pet ensues, as Christopher Gardinier agrees with Mabel that dogs are truly a human’s best friend. Christopher Joseph and Ryan reveal their scheme to adopt “Will” the ferret—the closest mammal to a squirrel and cat. Chris and Chris both agree that birds rank lowest on the pet totem pole and should never be caged. Before The Chrises head out, they give a 5-star review of Surkerco professional level hair clippers—a night and day difference from cutting hair with a Wahl beard trimmer.

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S02E32: Ryan’s Story Time with a First Time Hitchhiker

The Chrises enter looking colorful in their Tie Dye For Tumors shirts and masks for National Voter Registration Day. Feeling inclusive on the first day of fall, The Chrises finally give Intern Ryan the chance to spill the beans about his recent road trip. After being left somewhere near Idaho Falls, Idaho, Ryan picks up a girlfriend(!) and befriends a mysterious Hawaiian man named Uncle Pineapple. Things take a turn as Uncle Pineapple directs Ryan to a secret hot spring stream portal where Ryan almost gets sucked into another dimension. Narrowly escaping, Ryan and his gal pal hitchhike their way through Idaho with potatoes as currency. In Utah, Ryan decides to spice up his taters and stops at the city of salt, Salt Lake City, and home of provolone cheese, Provo. Feeling energized from his culinary experiences, Ryan spends an exquisite night in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas before making his way back home—forever a King of Idaho.

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