S02E05: The Chrises Get Dolled Up With A Maybelline Tutorial By The CEO of Makeup, Val Harvey

Season 2 Premiere Week closes out with glamorous shenanigans served up by Mr. T’s favourite makeup artist, Valerie Harvey. Val’s Cafe is open for business as she shares her experience finding her passion for makeup and catching the eyes of high powered icons, Oprah and Iman. The glam-up queen teaches the young grasshoppers how to spring into summer with a creamy, dreamy look and a renewed outlook for life. The Chrises primp and preen while fishing for compliments and Val’s validation, and they gain a dewy respect for makeup artistry. Shout out to all the pretty ladies and lads out there!

Special Guest: Valerie Harvey, 🇵🇦
Community Cause of the Week: Okizu, 🤲
Sponsor of the Day: Maybelline,💋

Website: ∙ Patreon: ∙ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care”:

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S01E62: Shaving The Whales with The CEO of Hairstyling, Matthew Collins (@matthewstylist)

The Chrises pal around with the freshly shaven, part-time biophysicist and full-time CEO of All Hair Care. Matthew Collins admits his excitement about finally getting a month long vacation to get oiled up and work on TikToks. As a creature of the earth, Matt lets the cat out of the bag on his reality TV days living as a pioneer and all the dumping that goes on as a hair dresser. Inspired by the celebrity hairstylist’s sixth grade mane, the Chrises raise $385 for Save The Whales as the viewers vote whether to leave an emo bang on Christopher Michaels. ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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