S02E46: Clean Plate Club with Casi, The Eating Gypsy

The Chrises are joined by cheese loving traveler and chicken mama, Casi. The Eating Gypsy talks about adopting mini dinosaurs a.k.a. chickens at the beginning of quarantine and watching them grow up to have their own secret Instagram accounts. Casi answers age old poultry questions such as why the chicken crossed the road and whether the chicken or egg comes first. Fun Fact: the best way to get scrambled eggs is to put the chicken on the trampoline.

The Eating Gypsy showers all her little ones with love and gourmet meals, and while she passes on chicken diapers and/or harnesses, she has already invested in a cat backpack—despite felines having four legs. The future Disneyland Head Chef shares exciting news about her upcoming catering management opportunity and revels in the joy of creating delicious delights for people once again. Forever the connoisseur of all things cheese, Casi mulls over possible melty explorations, including pepper-jack jalapeño water, gorgonzola hot springs, and Swiss cheese beauty masks.

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S02E03: Chef Craig Chomsky Seduces The Chrises With Homemade Tagliatelle Pasta & Pesto

The Chrises dough around with the CEO of Homemade Pasta, Chef Craig Chomsky, for the first ever @QWTChrises mukbang edition. Pasta ASMR King Craig goes al dente with homemade tagliatelle and fresh pesto with an assist from @kitchenaidusa. The most eligible Kitchen Aider gets length, girth, and pop out of his soft dough while keeping his basil fresh and ready-to-eat. When he’s not in the kitchen supplying customers with fresh frozés, Chef Chomsky is personally sourcing big, 60-lb tunas on the open New Jersey high seas.

Guest: Chef Craig Chomsky, 🧄
Community Cause of the Week: Okizu, 🤲
Sponsor of the Day: Trader Joe’s Albacore Tuna, 🐟

Website: ∙ Patreon: ∙ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care”:

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RSV01E03: The Way To The Great Valley of Grilled Cheese with Guest Co-Host, Justin Wozney, & The Wozney Clan

Three days of our lives without C.J. & Ryan the Intern, and Christopher Michaels decides to stream himself to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live while the Wozney4 grill cheese and Grandma drops the mic with the greatest P.S.A. of all-time. Sponsored by the U, Justin Wozney announces he is taking his talents to Boston with his better half, Karissa Bustamante. Jeff shares his culinary expertise while Patti teladocs listener’s hearts by discovering her birth family. Justin’s embarrassing gum-on-his-wee-wee story is finally told live on-air as the Wozney’s dig up all the dirt on their baby boy.

– Jeff Wozney
– Patti Wozney ∙ ∙ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E91: Processing Chunky Butter with The Flan Queen, Shiela Labao (@sharsies_)

The Chrises go back to culinary school in the middle of patio season with the Queen of Northern Baking. Shiela’s Good Goods provides the full pastry making experience, including the North American famous Canadian Butter Tarts. One stick, everyone knows the rules. Fun fact from the next great Canadian baker: maple syrup is interchangeable with honey and comes from trees! ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E88: Diving Into Dirty Waters with The CEO Of Healthy Habits, Mike Gardinier (@mikegardinier3)

The Dr. Of Love drops knowledge for yinz on how to safely date in the time of Covid and illustrates the perfect night out with Little Bo Peep once Jersey goes green. The founder of “Hair Care For Those With No Hair” exposes his faded blond sideburns and reveals Chinese horsehair makes the best toupée soufflés. PSA: Careful drinking Tom Collins with El Grande Uno, one may spoil a nice pair of running shorts. ~ ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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S01E84: Breaking Bread with The 007 of All Purpose Flour, Chef Craig Chomsky (

Italian trained by the guru of truffle sniffing dogs, Chef Craig Chomsky, joins The Chrises to tells us about his 8 year old mother and show us how to properly feed her [hint: it may include Anthony Hoffman’s hook made by KitchenAid). The CEO of Meal Deliveries and House Parties lets the the Chrises in…

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S01E75: Brain Brooing with VIF, Melanie Foreman (@goldfeather)

One Very Important Fermentor, Melanie Foreman, concocts an adaptogenic latte as The Chrises dive into their ingheedients cabinet.  Melanie reveals her much anticipated Brain Broo to the masses, chooses between civet cat poop and elephant dung coffee, and opens up about which One Direction member she prefers to lick her toes after a LaCroix bowling…

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S01E60: Family Sittin’ Sundays with The J’s, Jeffrey Janssen (@bigjefferson.93) & JJ Kim (@bbasilio78)

The Chrises are joined by Buster Posey moonlighter and grocery store moonager, Jeffrey Janssen. When he is not giving back to the community, the Bay Area’s favorite Ninja Turtle is making Splinter proud stopping crime at Lucky’s. Fortunate enough to call Big Jefferson his younger brother, Christopher Joseph finally finds out the age of the Air Pod Heir and why “tiny” was not chosen for his moniker. Afterwards, The Chrises babysit the smallest Kim and learn of JJ’s big plans to grow up and be a pterodactyl.

Guests: Jeffrey Janssen & JJ Kim ~ ~ GoFundMe w/ Okizu “No Hair For Care” (

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