S02E38: Masks Off With Shadow Alchemist Meghan

The Chrises are joined by mystical being and shadow alchemist, Meghan aka @chroniclesofasassquatch. Meghan talks about her personal journey identifying the monster within, shining light on her own shadow beliefs, and dancing with her inner critic to create the reality she wants to live in. Bringing the sass into the paradigm of Sasquatches, Meghan details facing her own shame and connecting through the heart space to be able to quit her corporate job and become a voice dialogue leader and women’s group coach.

The Sass Kween opens up about how Queen Bee Beyonce inspired her to start dancing with straight power and encouraging others to begin playing and painting in the shadows. Meghan speaks about her big reveal; stepping from behind her mask and into her human skin— where she continues to be vulnerable and show up as her authentic self every day, no matter if she is slaying life or not.

New videos in Meghan’s human skin are on the horizon plus the chronicles of the @chroniclesofasassquatch story should be appearing around the holidays—just in time for Santa to deliver presents in a Sass mask.

Looking to alchemize and radiate power? Sign up for Meghan’s upcoming virtual course, “Masks Off”.

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S02E23: Raising Awareness for Student-Athlete Mental Health with Ben Ruvo, CEO of The Hidden Opponent

Ben Ruvo, CEO of The Hidden Opponent, steps up to the plate to face the stigmas within sport culture on Mental Wellness Wednesday. The President eloquently talks about creating a safe space for student-athletes to share stories and support one another. Mental health is on a spectrum that includes both biological and environmental factors, and all student-athletes are collectively in the same boat with the uncertainty of the upcoming school year. Instilling systems to weather any storm, including COVID, The Hidden Opponent has implemented an umbrella system of Campus Captains to be mental health advocates across universities nationwide. Looking to be a part of the outstanding mental wellness support team, Ryan sends Ben an SOS and applies for a new internship within the organization. After inspiring The Chrises to start a new segment, One Word, Ben chooses “vulnerability” as the single term to sum up The Hidden Opponent. The man on a mission to continually learn and help others leaves The Chrises, and listeners alike, feeling great.

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