Wine Down Wednesday with Influencer Icon Pete Malleo

The Chrises unwind with social media legend @PeteMalleo for a wacky Wine Down Wednesday. A month into his fermented grape journey, Pete is still in his fine wine educational infancy, but is an expert on forgetting how to pick up a bottle of white for his wife, @ashleemalleo.

Feeling lucky and a little tipsy, Pete grabs a lottery ticket and details what he will do with his $400 million winnings. The Greatest Showman plans on having a giant “I’m Quitting” parade that will include a Gio Prism float and live performances from @Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Pete, the consummate gentleman, is always looking to improve as a husband, family man, and overall nice guy. Ashlee, Pete’s better half, is no decoy as she joins the program as a special featured guest to shine some light on areas of Pete improvement. The long list includes: leaving more than just the sushi tails, not referring to her as his assistant, and maybe not double pantsing her in front of the family.

📺 #180 – S03E08

🍷 Special Guest: Pete Malleo, @petemalleo

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Okizu

⚾️ Sponsor of the Day: Sports Authority

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