S02E49: Oktoberfest Fancy Friday With QWTChrises’ Godparents Karissa Bustamante & Justin Wozney

The Chrises are joined by their favourite traveling duo, QWTChrises Godparents Karissa Bustamante and Justin Wozney. On a cross country journey to Boston, the two lovebirds check-in from a Cleveland beer hall celebrating Oktoberfest. Justin uses his savvy street smarts to connect with a fellow street savant and find out the answer to an important Ohio riddle—what is round on the edges and high in the middle? Karissa discovers that her other half is stricken with a weak bladder and inept at packing, choosing to only bring along one pair of socks and sweats. Good thing for Justin, all their belongings will be waiting for them at their new residence on the 23rd of a to-be-determined month. Before heading off to the next chapter in their new life, The Godfather and The Godmother belt out one final song.

👯‍♀️ Special Guests: Karissa Bustamante & Justin Wozney

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Tie Dye For Tumors

💧 Sponsor of the Day: Rising Springs Source

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