S02E46: Clean Plate Club with Casi, The Eating Gypsy

The Chrises are joined by cheese loving traveler and chicken mama, Casi. The Eating Gypsy talks about adopting mini dinosaurs a.k.a. chickens at the beginning of quarantine and watching them grow up to have their own secret Instagram accounts. Casi answers age old poultry questions such as why the chicken crossed the road and whether the chicken or egg comes first. Fun Fact: the best way to get scrambled eggs is to put the chicken on the trampoline.

The Eating Gypsy showers all her little ones with love and gourmet meals, and while she passes on chicken diapers and/or harnesses, she has already invested in a cat backpack—despite felines having four legs. The future Disneyland Head Chef shares exciting news about her upcoming catering management opportunity and revels in the joy of creating delicious delights for people once again. Forever the connoisseur of all things cheese, Casi mulls over possible melty explorations, including jalapeño white cheddar water, gorgonzola hot springs, and Swiss cheese beauty masks.

👩‍🍳 Special Guest: Casi, The Eating Gypsy

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Tie Dye For Tumors

🌮 Sponsor of the Day: Mission Foods

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