S02E39: Travel & Sip with Elyse Eisen, Founder of The Chain Collective PR

Season One favorite and travel expert, Elyse Eisen, steps aboard a flight to virtual coast-to-coast travel to soar with The Chrises. Elyse gives some hot takes for travelers who are open to taking a trip under the hospitality industry’s COVID-19 upgrades. Looking forward to the airlines using air high fives as the new casual greeting, Elyse opens up about packing tips and her favorite suitcase. With no time for sponsors or kids in her busy schedule, The Balance Queen talks about having floaties all to herself and her timeout from eating anything but gummy bears in the pool.

Elyse is almost convinced by the Chrises to open up indoor NYC dining with Tipsy Traveler branded Snuggies as the new hot winter restaurant wear. The biggest news of the day comes when Elyse reveals her plan to call an end to a 12-year run controlling the remote to move-in with the sizzle master and Hall of Fame guest, Roger @rogersachar.

✈️ Special Guest: Elyse Eisen

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Operation Period

💈 Sponsor of the Day: Turbie Twist

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