S02E37: Reaching for the Stars with Miss World Oregon, Manju Bangalore

The Chrises are joined by Miss World Oregon 2020 and Founder of Operation Period, Manju Bangalore. Miss Out of this World talks pageantry and her virtual 2020 Miss World America campaign including busting out burpees for the fitness segment. Manju opens up about the non-profit she founded, Operation Period, which addresses menstrual inequity by providing advocacy, education, and services to those in need. Elyse Eisen (@tipsytraveler) joins in on the movement to mobilize for good and live donates $3/mo for an entire year to supply one person who bleeds an entire year supply of menstrual products. With personal aspirations to be an astronaut, Manju speaks about working on the Orion space capsule while interning at NASA and picking up the gender neutral term “y’all”. Lastly, Manju touches on how acting has helped her throughout all aspects of her life, and her surprise experience working on set with Beyonce.

👑 Special Guest: Manju Bangalore

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Operation Period

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