S02E33: The Puppy Diaries with Mabel & The Chrises

The Chrises open with some fresh hairdos, sweet Pupformance attire, and a shipment of coronavirus religious tracts compliments of The Dr. Of Love. Mabel the Pup, Aunt Jody’s Golden Girl, joins the program as the first pooch of honor and The Chrises share her origin story. A debate over the best pet ensues, as Christopher Gardinier agrees with Mabel that dogs are truly a human’s best friend. Christopher Joseph and Ryan reveal their scheme to adopt “Will” the ferret—the closest mammal to a squirrel and cat. Chris and Chris both agree that birds rank lowest on the pet totem pole and should never be caged. Before The Chrises head out, they give a 5-star review of Surkerco professional level hair clippers—a night and day difference from cutting hair with a Wahl beard trimmer.

👥 Special Guests: The Chrises

🤲 Community Cause of the Month: Okizu

🐶 Sponsor of the Day: Pupformance

📘 Pooch of Honor: Mabel, https://mabelsnapshot.ucraft.site/

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