S02E31: Ryan’s Return with The Chrises Special Unboxing Event

The Chrises return from Ryan’s Road Trip with a ton of mail and a live unboxing extravaganza. Lucky for Intern Ryan, Molly Suds sent a massive box of laundry and fabric products for all his funky smelling clothes from his hitchhike expedition back from Idaho. The Chrises are impressed with the biodegradable, plant packing peanuts and decide to chomp down on some while concocting an ingenious plan to start a cotton candy packaging material company. Chris & Chris also receive a pair of matching tie-dye shirts and masks from a clothing brand with big hearts, Tie Dye For Tumors— benefiting families fighting brain cancer in honor of their sister, Alley Hoza-Rodela. The longest journey award goes to Rising Springs Source, with hand delivered, straight-from-the-source water that only took a 16,000 year, granite protected pilgrimage to The Chrises door.

🛁 Special Guests: The Chrises

🤲 Community Cause of the Month: Okizu

🎁 Partners of the Day: Molly’s Suds / Tie Dye for Tumors / Rising Springs Source

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