S02E30: Wow, You Can Really Podcast with PodBooking Founder and CEO Daniela Garcia

The Chrises go sliving through Fancy Friday with The Godmother of Podcasting, Daniela Garcia. The Founder and CEO of PodBooking—the hottest podcasting social platform—talks about her revolutionary network to connect podcasters, engineers, networks, and brands. Excited for the official November 1st launch of Pod-Booking.com, The Chrises throw their hats in the waitlist pond to become beta testers. The Podmother though does give a hot podcasting tip on defining the ideal listener; a preview from her partnership with the upcoming Leadership Requested Webinar. After breaking the Internet with consistency and genuine engagement, Daniela is on a quest to help smaller podcasters monetize and grow faster. She encourages The Chrises to keep doing what they are doing after Ryan’s Road Trip: giving back, collaborating, themed days, and featuring interesting guests.

🎙 Special Guest: Daniela Garcia

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Save The Waves

🎧 Sponsor of the Day: Focusrite Scarlett

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