S02E29: Heating Up with Global Head of Sustainability Scott Atkinson

The Chrises get the notebooks out and scribble down ecological restoration suggestions from Captain Planet himself, Scott Atkinson. The John Hopkins Environmental Sci & Policy master’s student teaches listeners about forest fire suppression, the relation to the current Northern California wildfires, and the importance of cleaning up fuel sources. After recently pulling up his britches and operating a chainsaw to help clear a friend’s fire threatened property, Scott is potentially qualified to be a full-time farmer. Looking to capitalize on the animal cam trend, Scott set up a video recorder inside his owl box perch despite one minor issue— a nighthawk has yet to pay the Atkinson family a visit. His daughter and future Forest Ranger, June, swoops in and steals the show with a brief appearance that sparks a new merchandising idea to sell QWTChrises branded slippers (link in bio coming soon). Scott, a 37-year-old father with a 9 to 5, forgoes a pro surfing sponsorship to train for WSL Mavericks, and he can officially hold his breath longer than the Chrises as a recent recipient of a free diving certificate. Part-Time Beekeeper and activist for all, Scott sends The Chrises home with some lavender honey, books on trees, and a donation to The Chrises’ No Hair For Care GoFundMe campaign to help support children’s cancer camp, Okizu [https://www.gofundme.com/f/no-hair-for-care].

🍯 Special Guest: Scott Atkinson

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Save The Waves

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