S02E28: Advocating For Radical Enviro Change While Living Package Free with Joy Morgan

Joy Morgan makes a QWTChrises pitstop on her interdimensional road trip journey between Brooklyn and Portland to advocate for radical environmental change. On a personal quest to turn New Jersey’s Pinelands National Reserve into a National Monument, Joy discusses setting up cameras to watch snake dens, as The Chrises encourage her to capture the Jersey Devil. With still so much more to learn about public land management, Joy suggests some low cost ways to upgrade urban planning— including permeable sidewalk pavers to replenish its natural aqueducts with rain water. Joy addresses listener questions about the waste produced from plastic vs. reusable water bottles, and how the Guppy Friend prevents microplastic pollution that results from laundering synthetic garments. The Eco-Inspiration To All talks about the upcoming Marketplace Of The Future, an innovative, interactive, and Zelda-esque World Fair of Tomorrow. Last but not least, Joy encourages everyone to do tiny, little things to make big changes such as buying reusable and compostable products from Package Free Shop, and repurposing grocery vegetable bags to cover and store food.

🌏 Special Guest: Joy Morgan

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Save The Waves

🥛 Sponsor of the Day: Ball Canning Mason Jars

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