S02E22: The Chrises Believe They Can Fly with the CEO of Inspiration, Derek Pratt

Derek Pratt executes the first Leefy Organics sponsorship takeover of Season Two to put the new Prana bottle design on full display. Careful not to reveal all the secrets in his magical supplements cabinet, the model/actor/athlete/motivator wears not one, but two shirts for the first time all quarantine. While the face of Mortal Kombat’s Kano is busy building out his commercial and acting reels, Intern Ryan agrees to send Derek’s Instagram Reels (R.I.P. TikTok?) to the casting directors of Space Jam 2. Believing he can fly, Christopher Gardinier overlooks the fine print in the sand and nearly ends up with a broken wrist trying to backflip like Derek. The Chrises come to learn that Derek is a man who does a little bit of everything (except ice skate and golf), as he continues to motivate others to be one’s best self; believing there’s no better time than now.

🏋️‍♂️ Special Guest: Derek Pratt

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: The Hidden Opponent

🍃 Sponsor of the Day: Leefy Organics Prana *15% off checkout code: QWTC*

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