S02E21: Genre Bending with Multi-Talented Musician, Christian Sparacio

After an introduction ambush from Season One crowd favorite, Izzy B., The Chrises are joined by indie something singer/songwriter, Christian Sparacio. The triple backflip double toeloop swing set acrobat provides master classes on how not to spill a full glass of whole milk while mimicking the sound of a cow bell. In Christian’s quest to find unique ways to make rare sounds, the Team Chris quarterback/wide receiver seeks to turn his shoulder clicks into a polyrhythm. Concurrently, 3D prints of his infamous shoulder are being manufactured by Bill Nye the Science Guy to help fellow bartenders carbonate beer to reach an even tastier level. Always on the offense, but not easy to offend, the former collegiate student-athlete calls multiple audibles with an accoutrement of his new favorite headwear—beanies. Having developed a sense of home within himself, the Resident of the Earth takes the world into parallel universes with his cozy, Fireside Chat Monday rendition of his newest ethereal ballad, Pacific AM.

Special Guest: Christian Sparacio 🪕

Community Cause of the Week: The Hidden Opponent 🤲

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