S02E07: Shooting The Shorts With The Founder Of Day One Films, Robert Silver

The Chrises almost go feature length with the CEO of Shorts – Film Festival Category, Robert Silver. GH5’s top indie storyteller steps in front of the camera to talk about his newly nominated documentary, ‘Kneeling For Justice: A San Francisco Memorial To Fallen Angels’. The Day One Films Founder reveals how he stays true to his company’s namesake by filming, editing, and producing the short all in a days work. Self proclaimed “jack of all trades and master of failure” shamelessly self promotes and passionately inspires all artists, young and old.

Special Guest: Robert Silver, https://www.instagram.com/robertsilverphotography/ 📽

Community Cause of the Week: The Let It Be Foundation, https://www.instagram.com/theletitbefoundation/ 🤲

Sponsors of the Day: Image 3D, https://www.instagram.com/image3dusa/ 🎞 and Panasonic, https://www.instagram.com/panasonicprovideo/ 📹

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