S01E14: Family Day feat. Jeffrey Janssen & Michael Gardinier III

The Chrises rewind on Throwback Thursday for “Be Kind, Rewind Retro Week” with a family flashback featuring not one, but two guests: Jeffrey Janssen and Michael Gardinier III. Big Jefferson opens up the episode with hot takes from the early Covid quarantine grocery craze. The connoisseur of tushy tissues and tree costumes gives the rundown on his daily sanitary routine and which sock he puts on first [hint: it’s like a Twix]. Michael, a superior trained athlete, comes in heavy with his 10-pound dumbbells and .625 tee-ball batting average to give important fitness tips— quit if you’re better than the teacher. The Doctor of Love, who has been married once and engaged four times, gives expert romance advice and talks about his ideal woman: someone who is sexy and smart alá Toy Story’s Bo Peep.

🎷🎎 Special Guests: Jeffrey Janssen & Michael Gardinier III 

🤲 Community Cause of the Day: Casey Family Programs

🎯 Sponsors of the Day: Jenga & Drinking Buddies

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