S01E104: Getting Love Struck with The Common Humanitarian, Bisi (@bisimusic)

The Chrises close out “Quarantining With The Chrises” Season One with the most hopeful man and afrobisiac, Bisi. The man behind the upcoming album, The Church of Experience, delves into the power of music to change the status quo. Bisi is dropping his new song “Hopeful” on Independence Day, as we try to change the world together. Sharing positivity and good vibes, Bisi uses his vast energy to harness the God of Fire and moonwalk all over the planet with his catchy tunes. From raising $100 in Haight/Ashbury to winning $50,000 for Bissy Energy, the eagle of MDT Modeling touches base with his Nigerian roots and performs “Asa Jailer” and his new hit “Language”.

Guest: Bisi https://www.instagram.com/bisimusic/

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