S01E04: Ryan’s First Fancy Friday feat. Matthew Baker

Be Kind, Rewind Retro Episode ⏪ March 20, 2020 – S01E04: Ryan’s First Fancy Friday feat. Matthew Baker @slick1 #fancyfriday #theodoulsofwhiteclaw

Intern Ryan becomes a member of the Quarantining With The Chrises team on the first ever Fancy Friday. The Chrises dance into everyone’s hearts to R.E.M.’s “It’s The End Of The World” and feel fine enough to clear the air, as first time caller and long time listener, Matthew Baker (Baker) The Touchdown Maker, joins the fun. Bubly, the Odoul’s of White Claw, is plugged by Baker as his non-alcoholic seltzer of choice as he stays inside and showers multiple times a day to fill his quarantine time. The Fray’s discography is dissected by the guys, and Fun Employment Baker saves a friend’s life with a 100-yard, non-contact socially distanced Tylenol toss. Covid Cooking is launched with the herb master himself as he shares how his kitchen is akin to a Food Network program. Baker departs with some final coronavirus hot takes: Don’t catch Covid, don’t let your roommates leave the house, and ignore all dogs (note: the ability for dogs to get Covid has since been debunked).

🥤 Special Guest: Matthew Baker

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