Floating On with Preston Smith, Multifaceted Artist & Podcast Host

The Chrises battle the evil villain known as Instagram Live after technical glitches overtake the program for the umpteenth time. Undeterred by the formidable forces of the Internet, The Chrises are finally able to man the ship and swim to shore with special guest Preston Smith.

Despite losing a Chris and possibly a cow in the process, Preston (PMS) details to @christophergardinier about his maturation as an artist, person, and creative. “The Living Artist” podcast host steps into the light, fends off a lizard queen’s advances, and eloquently answers important questions posed by co-host @ay_cjay about Thin Mints and underwear choices.

Preston recounts what it was like painting commissioned portraits for President @BarackObama’s inauguration; all while still working a full-time restaurant job. PMS also answers viewer’s questions about the right time to jump ship and become a full-time artist.

The pandy pandemic hasn’t stopped PMS from sharing his personal experiences in the art world via his podcast, @Clubhouse weekly “Sustainable Artist” club, and 500 abstract art pieces sold around the world.

📺 #178 – S03E06

🤩 Special Guest: Preston Smith

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Okizu, @okizu

🥥 Sponsor of the Day: Trader Joe’s, @traderjoes

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