Cinco de Chrises

The Chrises roll in with high hopes and a set of CDC guidelines to celebrate Cinco de Chrises.

The updated CDC recommendations include:

1) Tequila

2) Solo Cups

3) Ribs

Thanks to the CEO of Hiatus Tequila (and pseudo “Chris”), Kristopher DeSoto, combined with the CEO of Ribs, Uncle Tito @loretto_lion, The Chrises start off properly hydrated and nourished.

The extravagant expectation for cinco total Chrises comes crashing down like @ay_cjay’s Wi-Fi as The Chrises resort to headwear and sleeveless jacket changes to keep themselves afloat. In the midst of Luna The Rabbit’s ears working as well as her sight, The Chrises take a lesson from the bunny and hop along with rainbows in their hearts to see the show to completion.

@ChristopherGardinier is apparently allergic to history, as he erupts for his first ever @QWTChrises on-air sneeze upon retelling the origin story of Cinco de Mayo and the influence of 1980’s beer manufacturers (h/t @pamwiz 🍻).

In preparation for a hot and thirsty “Thigh Guy Summer”, The Chrises share their summer workout regimens and plans to pack turkey baster bidets for all their travel squatting duties.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Instagram removed the previously uploaded Live version of this episode due to a song copyright “violation”. Thank you Tequila Sunrise and all members of the Eagles!]

📺 #179 – S03E07

🐰 Special Guest Appearances: Uncle Tito, @loretto_lion, & Luna the Rabbit

🤲 Community Cause of the Week: Okizu, @okizu

🍋 Sponsor of the Day: Hiatus Tequila

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