S02E56: Houses & Hearts with French & Afghan Artist Manaz Raiszadeh

The Chrises are joined by the Enemy of Average, Manaz Raiszadeh. The Ambidextrous Artist shares how she’s been able...

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S02E55: Meow Monday With The Chrises

The Chrises’ Fireside Chat guests go missing but make their appearance known, occasionally purring and demanding listeners give them...

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S02E54: Sharp Dressed Men With The Chrises

The Chrises suit up for a Dress Up Fancy Friday on a train ride into the weekend and discuss...

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S02E53: Hats Off To Seaplane Pilot Sarah Tamar

The Chrises take flight with pilot and hat fashionista, Sarah Tamar. The Winged Rockstar opens up about her journey...

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S02E52: Keep Cougaring with “The Cougar Guy”, Kyle Burgess

The Chrises are joined by “The Cougar Guy”, Kyle Burgess. Kyle talks about his experience coming face-to-face with a...

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S02E51: Hitting Moving Targets with Singer-Songwriter Nick Horn

The Chrises feature musical artist and sour milk enthusiast, Nick Horn. Nick talks about his hit quarantine EP album,...

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